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Formally Period Brass Hardware


Period Brass Mortise Box replacements in Stock


period brass mortise box
Replacement box Only
no trim

2.5" backset shown below

backset for period brass

Period Brass Replacement Mortise for Handleset trim
$ 429.99




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if you have a knob or lever on the outside
period brass hardware


Lever Knob


  From the Outside (Key Side) of the door
are the HINGES on the Left or Right

Door Swing

In - Into the home
top image
Out - to the outside
bottom image


Distance from edge of door to center of lock
2. 1/2" - or 2 3/4"
Finish - color Brass - Oil Rubbed Bronze - Satin Nickel

Gather Information above - to order below

Replacent Spindles for Handlesets
$ 24.99

Threaded Spindle

Smooth Spindle

Knob or Lever with have Internal threads

No internal threads

spindle will insert into box on the diamond ◇

spindle will insert into box on the square □

7.3mm - .28"

8mm - 5/16"

period brass spindle
2 7/8" overall

period brass spindle
2.75" overall

period brass spindle


We have received many phone calls asking how to remove the Old Period Brass Deadbolts
We are posting the following to help our previous and future customers
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Period Brass Deadbolt Removal

The Period brass deadbolt is a mortise cylinder deadbolt. The cylinders are screwed into the "donut" housing and held in place a set screw for both the inside and outside.
To access the set screws, remove the Deadbolt trim from the edge of the door,
locate a long 5/64 allen wrench and slide it into the exposed holes on the left and right of the bolt.
Loosen up the set screws
Unscrew the deadbolt cylinder by rotating the cylinder, a key blank or key that does not work the lock can be used
to help turn the cylinder

you must put the allen wrench through the
entire deadbolt housing to get to
the set screws on the right
Set screws that hold the cylinder in

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