White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers
1. Motor: For Electric units only
Cheaper models use an insufficient 3,000 RPM shaded pull motor.  White Mountain uses a 12,000 RPM commercial grade universal motor.
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2. Gear Frame: For Manual units only
Only White Mountain freezers feature the unique Triple Motion Action with 3-gear drive.  This process properly mixes and beats the entire cream contents, resulting in the smoothest ice cream and assuring even freezing.
3. Tub:
Freezer tubs are manufactured of select New England pine and bound with strong galvanized hoops.  The cans are fitted with electro-less nickel plated fixtures to ensure durability
4. Can:
Tall profile can design allows cream to come in contact with ice and salt to give faster freezing.  The cans are manufactured of heavy-duty stainless steel to guarantee long life.
5 Dasher & Blades:
Because the dasher is constructed of heavy cast iron and is electro-less plated, it will never warp out of shape like plastic dashers do.  The imported Norwegian Beechwood blades are self adjusting to ensure the thorough scraping of the inside of the can.

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