White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers

Over one hundred forty five years ago the White Mountain Freezer Company
was founded to build the patented "Triple Motion" ice cream freezer.  The company was
originally sited in Nashua, New Hampshire primarily because Nashua was the
very heart of the growing area for long grain New England white pine, so
essential to the manufacturer of the wood tubs used in the White Mountain Freezer.

Originally staffed by European artisans in casting, machining and woodworking, the
company gradually acquired a reputation for building the "best ice cream freezer in America"
Many of these artisans stayed with the company their entire woodworking life and brought
their sons and daughters into the business. 

They use the finest woods and highest quality metals and processes like stainless steel for
the cream cans and electro-less nickel plating for our castings, to manufacture their freezers.

A good example of their commitment  to exceptional quality is the wood freezer tub.  Each tub
is constructed of 3/4 inch thick select New England white pine staves, creating a tub which
provides superior insulation for the rock salt and ice brine solution.  This tongue and groove
bucket is hand crafted without glue in White Mountain's own cooperage and is finished with
three coats of sealer, stain and lacquer.
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Electric Ice Cream Freezer

4 Quart. $ 239.99
6 Quart. $ 249.99

Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer

6 Quart. $ 189.99



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