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cannonball gate closer

Hydraulic Gate Closer

$ 74.99

577 - Cannon Ball Gate Closer
3 - 3/4"
$ 84.99

- Flush mount closer 
- Closes both large and small gates up to 125 lbs. easily and gently
- Will work with most in-line hinge arrangements. 
- The TB175 may not be compatible with offset hinge arrangements or arrangements
that create more than 2" between gate post and gate.
(It is critical to mount the TB175 as close as possible to the gate's pivot point.)
- Complies with most pool gate safety recommendations
- Adjustable closing speed
- Adjustable latching speed
- Installs on side, top, middle or bottom of either right or left hand of gate
- Mounts on opening side of gate, pushing it closed
- Maximum opening angle of 90 degrees.  LockeyUSA recommends the use of a stop to prevent damage to the closer
- Hold open feature

Technical Overview:
- Maximum Gate Weight:           125 lbs.
- Maximum Gate Width:             54 in.
- Maximum Opening Angle:      90 degrees
- Type of Gate Material:              Vinyl, Wood, Steel
- Gate Closing/Latching Speed: Adjustable
- Material:                                     Steel
- Color:                                         Black
- Finish:                                        Powder Coated
- Opening Pressure:                    Variable depending on Gate Size

Dimensions Instructions

526 - Gate Return Spring TB175 Hydraulic Gate Closer


TB200 in Action

TB175 In Action

TB200/400/600 Hydraulic Gate Closer

Features: -
Closes large and small gates up to 250 lbs. (depending on the model) easily and gently
Hydraulic/Nitrogen Gas controlled closing speed
Installs on side, top, middle or bottom of right or left hand gates
Mounts on opening side of gate, pushing the gate closed
Maximum opening angle of 110 degrees (mechanical stop recommended to restrict opening angle)
Mounting brackets and fitting bar included
The TB200/400/600 is not compatible with gates less than 30 inches wide
Avialable in Black Steel - not Stainless
Brushed Stainless Steel

The closing speed is pre-set to provide a controlled close of approximately 6 seconds,
depending on the weight of the gate and quality of the hinges.
For Adjustable closing speed, see T250 below
  TB200 TB400 TB600
Max. Gate Weight 50-125 75-175 150-250
Max. Gate Width 36"-52" 40"-64" 44"-72"
Opening Pressure 3-7 lbs 6-12 lbs 8-18 lbs
Price (Black)
$ 329.99 $ 329.99 $ 329.99
Price (Stainless Steel) $ 529.99 $ 529.99 $ 529.99



TB200 | 400 | 600 Opening Force Chart
Gate Closer     36" Gate      48" Gate       60" Gate          Constant Closing Pressure
No Closer              3/4 lb.             1/2 lb.             1/4 lb.                                 0
TB200                    6 lbs.               4 lbs.                3 lbs.                                  45 lbs.
TB400                   10 lbs.              8 lbs.                6 lbs.                                  90 lbs.
TB600                   13 lbs.             10 lbs.               8 lbs.                                 135 lbs.

TB200                     7 lbs.                5 lbs.              4.5 lbs.
TB400                   13 lbs.             9.5 lbs.                 8 lbs.
TB600                18.5 lbs.           13.5 lbs.              12 lbs.

NOTE: All measurements are taken using the 1st mounting hole on the post bracket with a 3" distance between the center of the hinge and the center of the post mounting bracket.  The opening pressure will INCREASE using the 2nd, 3rd and 4th holes.  These are "ADDED" opening pressures.  This chart DOES NOT take into consideration the hinge arrangements, quality of hinges, ease of operation, wind, etc. -

TB250/450/650 Adjustable Hydraulic Gate Closers

with adjustable hydraulic (Nitrogen Gas) controlled closing speed

  TB250+ TB450+ TB650+
Max. Gate Weight 50-125 75-175 150-250
Max. Gate Width 36"-52" 40"-64" 44"-72"
Opening Pressure 3-13 lbs 6-21 lbs 8-23 lbs
Zinc Plate Finish
$ 629.99 $ 629.99 $ 629.99




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